P.O. Box 915
Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540


Article I  Name

Section 1.       Name.   The name of this corporation shall be the New River Officials Association, Inc. ,

Article II  Purpose

Section 1.       Purpose.   To foster a high standard of amateur sports officiating by continued study of rules and mechanics in a constant effort to encourage fair play and good sportsmanship among all who are associated with amateur sports.

Article III   Membership

Section 1.       Availability.   Membership in this corporation shall be available to anyone who has attained the age of 16 or older, who is of high moral character and who is interested in furthering the interest of amateur sports by fair and impartial officiating.

Section 2.       Submitting of Application.   Applications shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration.  The Board of Directors decision on all applications is final.

Section 3.       Classification of Membership.   There shall be a minimum of two classes of membership in this corporation and shall be defined in the bylaws.

Article IV  Meetings

Section 1.       Regular and Special Meetings.   Regular and Special meetings may be called as necessary to conduct ongoing business of this corporation.

Article V  Board of Directors

Section 1.       Powers.   The Board of Directors shall direct the affairs of the corporation and shall be elected by the members as specified in the By – Laws.  The number of members of the Board of Directors shall be specified in the By – Laws but shall not be more than sixteen nor less than nine.

Article VI   Officers

Section 1.       Elected officers.   The elected officers of this corporation shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Commissioners of those sports as specified by the By – Laws.

Article VII   Dues and Fees

Section 1.       Dues and Fees.   The Board of Directors shall determine any dues or fees payable by the members.

Article VIII   Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 1.       Status of Members.   All members of the corporation shall be independent contractors in their capacity as officials or commissioners and shall not be employees of the corporation, or of any officer of the corporation, or of any other person or entity for whom the members work as officials.

Section 2.       Amendment of Constitution.   This constitution may be amended by a two – thirds vote of the members in good standing present at any meeting or special meeting duly called, notice of such proposed changes having been sent in writing to the members thirty days before such meeting.  Amendments may be proposed by the Board of Directors on its own initiative.  All such amendments shall be presented by the Board of Directors to the members with or without recommendation.


For a printable version of the NROA Constitution click here.